This Is It

Six Days Until Our Last FEC Report in the Primary: This Is It.

We have just six days until the final FEC Report for the Primary.  Early voting is from May 2 through 9 and the primary election date is May 14.

Together we will win – but we need to raise another $10,000 THIS WEEK to pay for our media purchases.

Would you chip in tonight to help us?  

We’ve been working hard to win.  

I’ve been on several radio programs in the last 48 hours.  Here’s my interview on the Drive at Five in Hagerstown.

And today, in the presence of my wife and our children (future taxpayers!), I once again signed the Grover Norquist (Americans for Tax Reform) pledge to not vote to raise taxes or fees.

It is crucial that we raise the remaining amount.  Would you reach down deep and help us?

Thank you,


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