DELEGATE COX stood up for Marylanders during the COVID lockdowns when most would not because it wasn’t popular because that is what representatives of the People do.”

                                                – Maryland small business restaurant owner

Former Delegate Dan Cox is a small businessman, understanding the need for strong wages, lower taxes, and low inflation.

Dan Cox is not new to the work to protect our freedoms here at home; he has fought in the arena for our liberties for most of his life. As a constitutional lawyer, Dan has successfully litigated constitutional law cases for nearly 20 years. He is a leading defender of the Bill of Rights and free market principles.

In 2006, Dan was elected with over 76% of the vote to serve as a Town Council president, where he worked to resolve compliance issues with heavy state regulations. His approach prevented a massive tax hike.

Dan was overwhelmingly elected to the House of Delegates and served as a state delegate from 2018-2022, helping to kill thousands of bad bills including 11-gun registration bills and passing several unanimous bills to crack down on human trafficking and crime. In 2022, Dan was the GOP nominee for Governor garnering the highest Republican primary turnout in the history of Maryland’s primaries with 52% of the vote, the highest unity vote in a contested GOP governor primary for over 40 years.

Delegate Dan Cox has been an ally of and was honored to be endorsed by President Donald J. Trump for Governor of Maryland and is the only candidate or Congress to endorse and fully support President Trump for re-election this fall 2024.

Dan Cox is also the only candidate in this race who will fight and vote to stop sending our tax money for war in Ukraine and has always opposed such spending.

Dan sued to reopen Maryland during the COVID lockdowns and was the only State Delegate in Maryland history to file serious impeachment charges in the House of Delegates for the unconstitutional lockdowns which destroyed businesses and harmed so many lives.

Dan Cox is running for Congress because he is truly concerned about the financial burden of high inflation and debt hitting Marylanders, our open Borders and deadly fentanyl overdosing, all while the Biden administration has been sending billions of our taxpayer dollars to wars on foreign borders.  Dan will fight to Save America and secure the Border.

Dan grew up on a farm in Western Maryland, attended Mt. St. Mary’s College and the University of Maryland earning his bachelor’s degree in Government with an emphasis in National Security law and policy. He later graduated law school With Distinction from Regent University School of Law in Virginia.  Dan is most proud, however, of his wife Valerie and their ten children and three grandchildren.  Dan and his family are members of their church in Hagerstown.