About Dan Cox


DELEGATE COX stood up for Marylanders during the COVID lockdowns when most would not because it wasn’t popular because that is what representatives of the People do.”

                                                – Maryland small business restaurant owner

Dan Cox is a husband, father of 10, and principled small businessman, who has made payroll supporting his family, and looking out for his employees for over 25 years, understanding the need for strong wages, lower taxes, and low inflation.

Dan Cox is not new to the work to protect our freedoms here at home; he has faithfully been in the arena working for our liberties for most of his life. As a constitutional lawyer, Dan has dedicated most of his life to working tirelessly for the fundamental freedoms that Marylanders cherish. Dan has successfully litigated constitutional law cases in state and federal courts. He is a leading defender of the Bill of Rights and free market principles. He is a proven, passionate, effective fighter for limited government, the Second Amendment, jobs & small business freedom, economic growth, and the Constitution.

In 2006, Dan was elected with over 76% of the vote to serve as a Town Council president, where he worked to resolve compliance issues with heavy state regulations on clean water and to protect the Bay from dangerous effluent overflows without raising taxes like had been suggested by state entities. His approach prevented a massive tax hike by working with his fellow elected officials to find low-cost alternatives, successfully meeting Code compliance for water and sewer effluent.

Dan served as a state delegate from 2018-2022 in the Maryland General Assembly. During his time as a delegate, Dan worked to secure Maryland’s future by protecting freedom and prioritizing the future of working families across Maryland. In 2022, Dan was also the nominee for Governor who garnered the highest Republican primary turnout in the history of Maryland’s primaries, winning the nomination with 52% of the vote, the highest unity vote in a contested GOP governor primary for over 40 years. He has been an ally of and was honored to be endorsed by President Donald J. Trump for Governor of Maryland.

Dan was honored as a newly elected member of the Maryland House of Delegates to be chosen by his fellow Republicans to lead the Second Amendment Policy Workgroup, defending and expanding our rights, including law-abiding citizens’ right to carry concealed for personal protection. The Speaker of the House also appointed him to serve on the Commission to review and propose revisions to the Code of Maryland under the authority of the bill he had passed.

As a member of the Judiciary Committee in the State House, he worked across the aisle and successfully sponsored and passed legislation to overhaul the Maryland criminal and civil penal code, fight human trafficking, and submitted bills to keep registered sex offenders away from schools, with several of his measures becoming law with unanimous votes. With his background as a constitutional attorney, Dan was one of the only state representatives fighting for Marylanders’ business, religious, and constitutional liberties during the Covid lockdowns.

Dan Cox is running for Congress because he is truly concerned about the financial burden of high inflation and debt hitting Marylanders and the people of America, all. At the same time, we send money to wars on foreign borders. In contrast, our borders are open to millions who walk across unopposed, overwhelming our schools, increasing deadly fentanyl overdosing and human trafficking of precious children, contributing to a loss of community safety and increased risk of cartel crime and terrorism. We can stand with our allies against terrorism while protecting ourselves from terrorism right here.

Dan is a conservative who has sought to humbly be unafraid to take on the political establishment of both parties to protect and defend the economic future and the constitutional rights of Maryland’s citizens. Dan grew up on a farm in Frederick County, participating in 4-H as a champion livestock showman while starting his first Agriculture business at age 16. As a young man, he walked the halls of Congress and Annapolis with his father, Maryland education pioneer Rev. Gary Cox, seeking to improve education and freedom in legislative testimony. He then worked his way through Mt. St. Mary’s College and the University of Maryland to earn his bachelor’s degree in Government, studying national security on-site at Ft. Meade just before the 9/11 attacks. At the Mount, he was a NCAA I Decathlete. For 10 years he was a high school teacher and advisor. He then attended law school, graduating With Distinction from Regent University School of Law in Virginia Beach, and has practiced law for over 17 years, representing his clients in support of law and the Bill of Rights.

Dan believes in the power of the American dream and wants to protect it for every Marylander and American. Dan believes in the hope and prosperity of the people of Maryland’s 6th District. As a congressman, he will always prioritize families over special interests.

Dan Cox continues working to pass common-sense changes to government, and to protect the freedoms of Americans, but he is most proud of being a husband and a father. He resides in Frederick County with his wife Valerie, of twenty-seven years. Together they share ten wonderful children and three grandchildren.