Lawless Lawmaking

US Funds War Industry Without Constitutional Declaration; Biden Issues New Trans Bathroom Law While Congress Preoccupied

The Constitution is an “expressed powers” document of highest binding power and authority in America.

That means, unless a power of the United States is expressly stated in clear terms in the Constitution itself, no Act of Congress or the President is lawful that arrogates any powers to itself.

Saturday, I had just stepped off the stage at the well-attended Montgomery County GOP Sixth District Congressional Forum where I vigorously opposed funding of foreign wars – opposing ANY funding to Ukraine – only to hear that the Republican House did indeed use Democrats to pass $65 BILLION of your tax dollars to be given to Ukraine for War.  

Congress has done this without listening to those who elected them (the “GOP” Speaker ignored our caucus and caucused with Dems, bringing the Biden agenda to the Floor for the vote!) and without a Constitutional declaration of war under Article I, section 8 of the Constitution.  Going to war includes direct funding of a foreign war and that is exactly what your Congress is doing – all without any authority to do so.  

Mark my words – Congress has already illegally funded over $110 BILLION dollars to an undeclared US proxy war in Ukraine, and Ukraine is losing badly, having squandered much of the money. Another $65 BILLION of your tax dollars is meaningless and not only a waste – it could mean expanded war.  Washington is openly talking about nuclear war.  This is horrific and wrong.  We demand peace through strength, not bleeding our country dry of our hard-earned tax dollars.

And certainly not to foment a possible World War III.

While Congress just yesterday funded nearly $100 BILLION to foreign powers, they funded nothing to stop the invasion on our Southern Border nor did they pass a single measure seeking to lower inflation.  Article I, section 10 provides that any State so invaded may defend itself whenever actually invaded or under imminent danger of the same.  This is what Texas has declared is occurring and yet, Biden and the GOP-led House of Representatives have joined together to ignore this invasion on our own land.

While Congress was busy handing out your money, Biden issued an unconstitutional fiat that Title IX is now to be used AGAINST WOMEN and for advancing K-12 and College discrimination action against anyone who opposes MEN AND BOYS IN WOMEN’S BATHROOMS AND SHOWERS or who use the wrong pro-nouns in our schools.

If your daughter objects to a man with an erected penis in her locker room shower, under Biden’s illegal decree your daughter will be reported and possibly expelled for discrimination – permanently marking her high school or college record with the negative finding.  

These actions by the U.S. Congress and White House are illegal under the Constitution, outrageously ignorant of history and civilized law, and just plain gross.

I have pledged that I would not only vote against these measures and any similar, but I will work the caucus to ensure they do the People’s will so that we lead this great and bright nation in honesty and truth for the people, and not for the pervert.  This is not a time to play stupid and dangerous games with DEI, and we have no time to waste to save our nation.

Oddly, my opponent is failing to speak out on these issues, along with some others, instead saying at the forum yesterday in essence:

“I don’t know if I would vote for the Ukraine package – we must defend them, we have an obligation to do so, but I might look around and see what other’s are doing before I would decide my vote on that funding…”

I couldn’t believe my ears…especially when he went on to say we have to govern with Democrats to get things done that we need to pass right now because of the small GOP majority…

Outrageous.  Clearly this weak-willed approach is mistaken. NEVER did Nancy Pelosi do such a thing. Even when she had slim majorities…she never begged Republicans “please pass Obamacare and you can read what is in the bill…”  She just did what her own caucus demanded and Republicans howled without any power or ability to even read what was in the bill.  If you have The Gavel (and apparently some brass), you rule the House and everything that is voted on is in your power.  Period.  

I ask you: with Democrats joining Biden, and some Republicans including my opponent joining Biden, to support and fund a foreign war in Ukraine and his woke policies in a bloated unbalanced budget, would you want that kind of leadership representing you?  Don’t you want strong leadership that with backbone, diligence and reason governs at a time of crisis like we are in?

Don’t get me wrong – I personally like almost all those running in this GOP race as most are nice people (except the one who hates on Israel and loves Palestinian protesters, even though they are chanting “death to America.”).  But nice won’t win the day and save America and our kids from a much more likely draft into war.

The lines of policy and leadership differences in this race are clear.  The extreme Left hope you do not nominate someone who advocates for truth, because they want a clear road to do their own will and not yours.  They want zero accountability or legal roadblocks.  Together, we are the roadblock to their globalist cabal in this race.

We understand what point we are in as a nation.  It is near midnight – we are and could well lose our Republic – and without clear servant leadership opposing this madness with constitutional vigor and backbone, we will no longer have a valid government and constitution worth anything and worse, we will be in World War III caused by warmongers in DC.

But I submit to you – YOU are the leadership needed.  Without your help, all could be lost.

Join me today.  I have literally two days until our FINAL FEC REPORT before the election.

We need to finish raising the media buy money.  I need 10 people to contribute FREEDOM CIRCLE level donations of at least $350 each or 100 at $35 each.  THIS IS URGENT.  Thank you.

Freedom and Victory,

I was honored to speak at yesterday’s Montgomery County GOP Convention where I met and caught up with so many awesome friends.  Maryland Republicans are united behind President Trump and America First!

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