WORKING FOR YOU: 16 Days Until Early Voting and Victory!

Our team has been working the ground game and issues for you every day.

I remain your America First candidate at every point who has now been endorsed and recognized by several bi-partisan influential entities.

While an opponent just recently praised Biden on social media even though Biden’s infamously gave one of the weakest warnings to Iran against attacking our ally Israel (after giving them $10 billion), saying oddly “Don’t,” just before they did, our campaign instead is winning hearts and minds of patriots who are tired of the Swamp and want real change in Congress.

And unwaveringly, I continue to stand with President Trump and the constitutional, America First, agenda opposing publicly and firmly the witch hunt LAWFARE trials he is being forced to endure at this very moment.  

I am outraged that the corrupt court in NY has ruled he cannot attend Barron’s High School graduation – a major milestone in his son’s life.  Please join me in praying for President Trump and this nation.

President Trump is winning District Six by 56% among all voters.  And I am with Team Trump.

That makes our campaign the strongest to win this fall – both with bipartisan endorsements and the uncompromising stand in support of saving America.

I have been throughout the District in all Five Counties regularly working hard for you – from Montgomery County to Garrett County.  

We have only 16 days until Early Voting begins when, combined with mail-in ballots, a large portion of the election will be decided.  And there are only 28 days until District Six will choose our nominee.

We are still $15k short of where we need to be for the final push on media, mail and digital.  Your help now is crucial to keep us in front for the win.

Thank you and God bless you and our country at this momentous hour.

Freedom and Victory,

Dan Cox, Candidate for U.S. House of Representatives (R-MD6)

P.S. I include snapshots of some of our work below which is posted on social media so if you do not follow me yet, you can see and read about some of what we are doing to advocate for you and win this race.

Listen to my interview on the Larry O’Connor and Company Show on WMAL here.
Door knocking in support of the GOP ticket.

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