Chloe Had Her Bre**ts Removed at 13 – Now Says It Is “Nazi experiments”

Our Country Is Worth Saving.

Our country is worth saving – and too many spineless politicians are continuing to trample our Constitution. 

Today, by a tie-vote-breaking vote, Congress shamefully voted to continue spying on you with FISA warrantless searches in violation of the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution.  

However, because of patriot Congresswoman Luna, we have one more chance this Monday to stop this tyrannical practice that was used to spy on President Trump and likely you and me – including “Constitutional” and freedom-loving anti-Lockdown citizens.

Congressman Jim Jordan valiantly spoke on the House Floor the simple truth in defense of our Constitution: if the government wants to spy on any American citizen, “get a WARRANT!”

As I’ve been lobbying for years, I would have not only voted NO on extending FiSA spying, I would have worked the leadership for a more unified conference to pass the Biggs Amendment requiring compliance with the Fourth Amendment and an end to the spying without a warrant.

My opponent Neil Parrott is shamelessly silent in acquiescence once again.  Is that the kind of “leadership” you want?  I hope not – because my wife and I want nothing to do with this kind of Deep State trampling on our Constitution and the future of our children and grandchildren.  I will fight it with every breath God gives me.

Few things highlight this more than parental rights in the Health and trans identity debate.

England has banned the practice on minors – and we should follow suit!  In the article below, Chloe had her breasts removed at age 13 and now calls such acts “Nazi-era experiments.”  That is the similar human rights argument I made to protect kids from trans-castrations on the House Floor just three years ago.

In fact – can you believe it – in the UK they require parental permission for kids to buy Mountain Dew! And here radical politicians want to emasculate your kids before they even develop without even you knowing.  That’s criminal child abuse and a violation of the laws of nature and nature’s God.

I have served you as State Delegate and attorney, fighting globalist WHO and big Pharma powers-that-be (with BILLIONS of dollars) in defense of medical freedom and the Human Rights of parents determining their child’s healthcare.  

That is why I am proud to announce I have been endorsed by STAND FOR HEALTH FREEDOM – a national parental rights and health freedom advocacy organization.

America is on the brink of losing our Republic.  We must not let that happen.  Franklin said we have a Republic, “If you can keep it.” Help me do so. 

I have 31 days until the Primary Election and only two weeks until Early Voting radio commercials must be running on air.

Would you help me make up our $20,000 shortfall?

The day is far spent; the voting has already begun.  Thank you for helping.

God bless and God bless America,

Dan Cox, Candidate for U.S. House of Representatives (R-MD6)


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