GOOD NEWS: We led the pack this quarter with raised cash on hand


Because of YOU: Dan Cox leads in raised cash on hand last quarter.


We are leading the GOP field in raised cash on hand for the last quarter – thanks to you.  In our first sixty short days we raised $71,000 and have $60,000 cash on hand.

The DC establishment is so far tepid towards a proven fighter and only winning candidate that is America First in this race (yours truly) – and so as of today one of the inexperienced ones they support is out of district (and raised nearly all his money from out of state or district), but spent more than he raised by nearly $10,000.  That’s not good for campaigns, nor is it good for our country.

Contrast that with our campaign leading the way with the most raised for the least amount spent in our short first 60 days of this race – that’s good for all of us.  And with you helping me with your immediate support, we will march on to victory with a war chest to beat the Democrat this fall.

We face so many challenges and one of them is ensuring our country’s economic security is your security.  Without the ability to dream and pass on a heritage from our labor and property, we will have lost our way as a nation. That is why we simply must win and beat the Democrats this fall with a war chest large enough to communicate to the voters and ensure an overwhelming vote for us.

Please help me keep up this momentum.  I need any amount you can chip in today to keep us on track to win.

Remember the future.  Remember our children.  Let’s fight for them together.  Thank you and God bless you, and God bless America.

Humbly yours, for freedom and victory,

Dan Cox, Candidate for Congress (MD-6)

P.S. See our press release below – and our updated website at:!

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