It’s True – Dan Cox in lead for NET raised BUT Dems are trying to buy the race

“It’s True – Dan Cox is the only true America First Republican in this Race.  And He is Running in Front to Win.”

Recent finance reports show most of the money raised by my opponents is from out of district and state, with at least one democrat receiving Obama and Biden support.  My opponents are weak.  Consider:

  • I out-raised all Republicans and Democrats except two Democrats for NET cash last quarter with mostly in-state, in-district money.  Some spent more than they took in – horrible fiscal policy and exactly what is wrong with our country.  THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT FOR OUR CAMPAIGN FOR FREEDOM!
  • If we stay on track with our fundraising goals we will continue to beat the Democrats and RINOs with cash on hand raised per week.
  • If we do nothing, we WILL be forced to lose everything as the Open Border CROOKS will destroy our communities beyond recognition.  The time is NOW to fight this invasion of our nation and vote OUT the evil criminals who are DESTROYING our constitution and laws.

Although the Democrat regime and communists are trying to buy YOUR seat in Congress with ACTBLUE and out of state/district money, with your support we can and will win this race.  We have less than sixty days now until our next report is due.

JOIN OUR LIBERTY BATTALION:  In national defense, a battalion is up to 1000 fighters who will fight as a part of a division.  We need 1000 freedom fighters for our beautiful country who are able to donate at least $1000 now or over the next two months.  For all those who do, I will send you a set of one of my favorite Common Law treatises, Books 1-4 of Sir William Blackstone’s Commentaries on the Laws of England! This historic set helped lay the foundation of our laws of freedom, property and justice in America.

Freedom and victory,

Join today with hundreds of Marylanders signing up to take back District Six with Dan Cox!  See our updated website: !
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