“Biden is leading us into WWIII” says top Democrat advisor.

I am hesitant to mention one reason why Valerie and I felt led for me to run for Congress, because we are running in the promise and hope of making America Great Again. But there is a real, urgent and practical concern involving our national security in addition to securing the Open Borders, which is a primary concern especially since today’s SCOTUS ruling kicks the Border issue to Congress and allows Biden to remove the Texas razor wire protecting us.

I believe there is little time to protect our nation and our children from the ineptness and vacuum of leadership by the Biden administration right now leading us into a possible extreme and dangerous – possibly nuclear – World War III.  Time is of the essence for peace through strength leadership, opposing the warmongering industrial state that is pushing for war by willful weakness.

Recently, I wrote a sub stack article, which I share below, about how the Biden decision to eliminate President Trump’s sea-launched missile defense program – greatly increasing our exposure to total destruction of our Navy, and thus opening our homeland to direct attack.  This weakness is outrageous.

Don’t take it just from me – both a retired US Brigadier General is confirming this concern echoed just days ago by NATO that WWIII is on the horizon because of American weakness, as well as President Bill “Epstein Island” Clinton’s top and long-time Democrat advisor, Doug Schoen, who just published an article in The Hill saying just that.  And with Billions of dollars unfrozen as a gift for Iran, what was the Biden result?  War and terror in the Middle East at the expense of our men and women in harms way and our ally the people of Israel.

Never has there been a more important time for us to raise a war chest for peace in this race.  I believe strongly in Peace through Strength.  But I cannot win this seat and be sworn in as your Member of Congress – to fight for peace – unless I have your timely help for this First Quarter.  I need to stay on pace to defeat the far Left.

I won’t stand by while our inept “leaders” bumble us into WWIII and cost the lives of our children and grandchildren.  

Thank you for your support and please consider donating at least $25 today to help us reach our goal.

This is our freedom, our families, our children’s future at stake.  The fate of the world could rest upon Congress’ ability to lead.  Help me get there and serve.

Freedom and victory,

Dan Cox, Candidate for Congress (R-MD-6)

War Mongering Biden Canceled President Trump’s Sea-Launched Missile Defense Program, Signaling American Weakness

In 2022, I was the sole Maryland State Delegate who walked off the House Floor and refused to vote for a Maryland Resolution to support the Biden administration’s escalation-funding of war in Ukraine. There were clear indications that a real peace was possible, avoiding many of the now close to 600,000 lives lost or severely injured on both sides of the conflict and the clear likelihood that any western involvement in at times what appears like a WWI-reminiscent trench-based ground war was asinine and would be dangerous for the world. 

Today, I remain the only candidate for Congress in Maryland’s Sixth District who is calling for Peace Through Strength, rather than the Biden regime’s “War Through Weakness” funding of foreign wars and I am the only one who will not vote to continue funding the War in Ukraine.Ukrainian soldiers in a trench under Russian shelling close to Bakhmut, Donetsk region, Ukraine, March 5, 2023. (AP Photo/Libkos, File)(FoxNews)

The constitutional duty of the President under the United States’ Constitution, Article IV, sec. 4, is to protect our States from invasion. I was concerned that Biden was opening our own Borders to mass invasion which Americans are now funding at billions of tax dollars a year in services and increased costs, not to mention inflation. And I was concerned that Biden was abandoning our “Peace Through Strength” foreign policy doctrine that has helped advance the peace of Europe since President Reagan brought down the Soviet Empire without firing a shot. Expanding NATO’s borders and disregarding Russia, while also collapsing our own border, is not only bad foreign policy, it is a direct provoquer la guerre.

Sadly, my concerns were accurate. Last month over 300,000 illegal aliens walked freely into our country and into your neighborhoods with Biden-government-loaded debit cards of your taxpayer dollars for their spending. And now nearly every day the young Ukrainian wife of my close family member posts what appears to be devastating escalations of the war in Ukraine including on her city of Kyiv – the capital, which war you and I as American taxpayers are funding to the tune of over $113 billion to date. 

And what did we get for our money? Peace talks? Stability? Our debt-to-GDP ratio is dangerously at 130% while Russia’s debt this year reduced from 16.1% to 15.7% of its GDP. And Russia has announced that only “full and complete capitulation” of Ukraine will end the war and that now it is “too late” for peace talks. That’s 1945 total surrender talk. There will soon be no more an independent Ukraine at all; forget the dispute over the Russian regions and expansion of NATO.

And just when you can’t believe Biden could Build it Back any Worse, we learn that his fumbling leadership on the world stage has not only endangered Europe and the world and cost us our international standing as the arbiter for peace, but it has directly endangered Americans to the threat of nuclear war.

Just prior to when Russia began it’s offensive military advance on Donetsk on February 24, 2022 the Biden administration canceled President Trump’s sea-launched nuclear missile defense program that was the fear of many of our enemies and others alike, including Russia. Coincidence? Weakness, when played by a state, is always a calculated move. 

This act by Biden of canceling our own nuclear deterrence capabilities used by our U.S. Navy in the face of European and Sea of China conflicts should concern members of Congress who can do something about it.

“This act by Biden of canceling our own nuclear deterrence capabilities in the face of European and Sea of China conflicts should concern members of Congress who can do something about it.”

When elected to Congress this Fall, I intend to demand a reverse course, 30 degrees right full rudder. I will immediately work to secure re-establishment and funding for the sea-based nuclear defense program, for our own IRON DOME program to be fully implemented, and will demand the removal of foreign war funding that titillates the war mongering, pocket lining, swamp crooks and industrial complex. 

We must secure our Border and support a peace deal between Ukraine and Russia and with, yes, NATO agreeing to stop expansion into the former soviet states. The Biden administration miscalculated and plunged Europe headlong into the threat of nuclear conflict and it is up to Congress to save the world from potential disaster that World War III would bring.

Rather than continue sending billions of military aid to Zelensky – who is now said to be illegally grabbing men and women off the street in order to fill emptying ranks on the front lines – the Biden Administration should demonstrate American power and strength by demanding Zelensky submit to possible peace negotiations between Ukraine and Russia. Zelensky and Biden squandered the opportunity for peace when they might have reached just such a deal in 2022, by demanding in some strange hallucination that Ukraine was seeking Russia’s complete capitulation. Zelensky still talks wildly of “complete victory” against Russia. Someone needs to tell the actor that the show is over. 

Moscow expert, former DIA officer and foreign policy analyst Rebekah Koffler recently explained in detail that Russia no longer fears the West, thanks to the Biden administration. Biden has done nothing but telegraph American weakness, feckless decisions, and reckless headlong pursuits into war. And the end result is likely to be negative to you and me and our children for years to come.

In her article “Russia-Ukraine War Outlook 2024” she writes:

“…weighing the situation candidly – something that the Washington establishment seems to be incapable of whether it’s with regard to Afghanistan or Ukraine – Putin is far more realistic than Zelenskyy, who continues to accept nothing short of victory. “Nobody believes in our victory like I do,” Zelenskyy recently told Time magazine. 

President Biden and President Volodymyr Zelenskyy meet at the White House. (Ukrainian Presidency/Handout/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)(FoxNews)

“Zelenskyy is correct,” Koffler continues, “No one with common sense believes that Ukraine can win against Russia, whose population is three times higher than Ukraine’s, allowing the Kremlin to throw flesh in the meat grinder long after the last Ukrainian perishes.”

America has never been more vulnerable and exposed to danger from within and without. Although the time is urgent, there is still time for us to act and restore our Peace Through Strength doctrine that focuses on keeping our nation strong to ensure the peace of the world. America needs to be respected again. Send a common sense America First conservative to Congress to help lead where the Biden Administration has failed us. I will be that person for you and am humbly asking for your vote.

© Dan Cox, 2024. Candidate for U.S. House of Representatives, CD6-MD. Dan Cox, J.D., Esq., was a Pi Sigma Alpha political science honors society member in college and holds a bachelor’s degree in Government with an emphasis in National Security from the University of Maryland University College (now University of Maryland Global Campus). He is a former State Delegate for Frederick, Maryland from 2019-2023, and is a practicing constitutional litigation attorney for the last 19 years, having studied national security law under a former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral Vern Clark, and a former Attorney General of the United States, at his alma mater, Regent University School of Law.

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