Huge news I wanted to share with you that impacts our fight against BIDEN LAWFARE – waring against conservatives exercising their God-given constitutional rights.

By God’s grace, my client and I just fought and defeated the BIDEN ADMIN and corrupt ATF and DOJ in defense of our beloved and magnificent SECOND AMENDMENT to the U.S. Constitution.

Yesterday, I was blessed to win a complete dismissal of all charges against my client for violation of his Speedy Trial Rights – a Sixth Amendment protected right detailed by federal law under the Speedy Trial Act of 1974.  The case is an attack by the Biden administration against conservatives who have been outspoken against him.

But here is the catch: unless we have a Congress that will stand up to the rogue law fare and hold the deep state’s feet to the fire, ending the persecution of law abiding conservative Americans, we will have an increase of this dark hour.  We will lose America forever.

For over 20 years I’ve been fighting for your Constitutional rights in Court and in government, including six years as an elected official in both local office and state office.  Please stand with me to win the open seat in Congress to take our fight and stand for liberty to the Halls of our national government.  Please help me with your generous assistance tonight so I may go to Congress and fight side by side with President Trump to end the law fare of Deep State and return true equality, calm, and constitutional law and order to government.  Thank you.

Freedom and Victory,

Dan Cox, U.S. House of Representative (R-MD6)

Here is my presser:

4 MAY 2024
Frederick, Maryland. Statement of Dan Cox from the Cox Law Center LLC concerning U.S vs. Krop

ATF CASE THROWN OUT: “Yesterday was a victory for the 2nd Amendment and innocent Americans whose lives have been politically targeted by the Biden Administration for harassment in violation of state, federal and constitutional law,” said Dan Cox of the Cox Law Center, LLC.

“Two years ago, Rob Krop was legally operating his Maryland businesses providing shooting ranges and firearms to law enforcement officials and law-abiding Americans, when officers of the ATF targeted him in a scheme to thwart local law enforcement, undermine legal gun ownership in Maryland, and ruin my client.” 

“Yesterday morning,” Cox said, “in a stunning victory for justice, Federal court Judge Stephanie Gallagher agreed to my motion to dismiss all charges against my client.”
“After two years of slander, harassment and violations of his constitutional rights and denial of due process by federal agents and prosecutors, Rob and his family can begin to try to rebuild their lives.”

In his published statement after the court’s ruling, Rob Krop explained the personal toll of government abuse: “They stole the last year of my life, losing my freedoms, stripped of travel privileges, unable to work at my place of business, draining me financially as I answer their asinine motions filled with blatant lies, and loss of business due to the horrible false story painted by the government to the media.”

He summarized yesterday’s victory: “Today, May 3rd, justice was served. I want to thank my God who was in control this whole time, giving me and my family clarity…. Today marks another strike against the corrupt ATF and again shows the gross negligence of this organization. They have no concern for the rule of law, and in fact, go so far to create their own. I want to thank my attorney Dan Cox, for had it not been for him and his relentless pursuit of the truth, I would not be standing here in this position today. A real attorney who cared about my outcome and not playing these silly inside, backroom games with the government. “

“Yesterday’s victory should be a wake-up call to the rogue Biden DOJ,” Cox stated, who have become reckless, political and vindictive, that we intend to hold them to account when they redirect their energies from prosecuting real crimes, and waste millions in tax-payer funding on politically motivated vendetta against upstanding citizens.

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