My Video Ad

Please watch and listen and share my latest Videos and Radio ads running across the Sixth District on social media and radio stations.

BUT I’M ABOUT $5000 SHORT IN PAYING FOR THESE ADS TO RUN.  In order to pay for the last two weeks of this Primary Race on digital, TV and radio, my Treasurer just informed me we are IN THE RED – SHORT OUR MEDIA PAYMENTS in the amount of $4,311.73 as of today.

We recently received a $5000 donation which we need to be matched to reach this media goal.

That is ONE contribution from a Liberty Donor in the amount of $4311.73, or $431.17 each from 10 donors, or $862.20 each from five donors.  Or any amount will help!

Would you be one of the champions for our nation who supports our campaign?

Our future is genuinely in the balance. Thank you!

Freedom and Victory,

Dan Cox, Candidate for U.S. House of Representatives (R-MD6)

Endorsement Video from former Democrat who SWITCHED to GOP to vote for Dan Cox.

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