Let DC Eat the Bugs if they want to!

…is neither ‘unifying’, nor COMMON SENSE.  IT’S SICK!

I have to be straight with you and clear – even some “conservatives” in this race are willing to sell you out on a FAKE BURGER with a soy latte.  Globalist WEF kingpin Klaus Schwab wants us to “have nothing,” eat bugs and be happy.  And misguided, weak “conservative Republicans are setting you up to limit our beef enjoyment. Yes, for real.

Yesterday, a primary opponent who also trashed President Trump at our debates last month before I called him out for it, wrote to supporters an e-mail – inferring his publicly “liked” support for the just-passed horrific “budget” stating the Party line saying: “Now it is our time to work together for what the vast majority of Maryland want to see.”

Make no mistake – the just-passed spending bill “budget” is not common sense and if the “vast majority” of Maryland knew what was in it – especially the Sixth District where I am running to be your voice – they would not only oppose it, they would say – YOU EAT THE BUGS, Washington D.C.!

But that is what this budget proposes to include. RFID chip-tracking technology for the federal government to be able to monitor and potentially limit every single cattle farmer’s herd in America – all with CCP-Communist Chinese computer chips.  They don’t want us to have freedom to raise healthy beef for market.

That’s not “working together” – that’s working together with globalist hacks.  And it will destroy the small rancher if the proposed mandatory tracking rule becomes permanent law.

Send me to Congress to keep our beef and our food supply free of communist and federal control.

The time could not be more urgent for real, genuine America First conservatives who know how to defeat the “eat the bugs” nonsense attack on our farmers.  I’m not only a constitutional attorney – I’ve raised natural, healthy beef for market for nearly all my life.

My FEC deadline is in days.  Send the weak-willed and the far-Left Democrats a clear message – we want a true voice for freedom in Congress.  Please help with your largest donation today.  NOW IS THE TIME.

Here’s to BEEF for Dinner,

Dan Cox, Candidate for YOUR VOICE in Congress (R-MD6)

P.S. We continue to keep those in prayer whose loved-ones were lost in today’s Francis Scott Key Bridge collapse by the ship.  We need to strengthen our roads and bridges, not track and federally limit our nation’s beef with Communist Chinese RFID ear tags.

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