URGENT: Red Flag G*n Grabbing Unveiled!!!

If I were in Congress, I would have voted “no” on this disastrous spending bill, and I would have helped lead the charge to stop it.  

Here’s the ‘Ominous Omnibus Budget’ passed at 2 a.m. this morning. I’ve linked it here so you can read for yourself.  My apologies for the longer e-mail but I’ve listed just some of the crazy funding below.

Every single one of my opponents in this race ignored this major attack on our freedom and instead support those who passed it with their “likes, winks and nods” and an attempt at diversion from answering the issue. 

One posted instead today about “puppies” – of course we all love puppies, what a nice distraction; three others posted their genuflecting shout-outs to a famous globalist “shutdown” candidate in a MD US Senate race who supported passing this WHO-supporting budget, ironically, so we don’t ‘shut down the government.’

And the Dems? One prominent Senator said “2 – a.m.-ers.  We passed [it].  You’re welcome.”

Everything Woke…

I don’t know what I’m more upset about – the list of WOKE items, the lack of procedure and transparency in passing this at 2 a.m. after less than 24 hours to read the 1012 pages, or the fact that Congress just funded the worst national Red Flag attack on Gun Owners in our history.  

And breaking news just now – reports indicate at least one of the terrorist attackers who murdered at least 150 peaceful civilian men, women and children at a concert yesterday in Russia is a Ukrainian citizen who fought in the war there as recently as 2022. And one of his accomplices claims he was paid $11,000 and given weapons by someone posing as an aid on Telegram who messaged him and made the offer in exchange to kill anyone he could at the concert.

Consider the ‘budget busting’ bill includes:

  • money for Biden’s Illegal Alien Flights from their home countries directly into the United States to be resettled in your neighborhood
  • funds NGOs trafficking Humans into the United States
  • funds The WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION – with its pending pandemic lockdown treaty
  • full funding for Merrick Garland’s ‘lawfare’ weaponizing of DOJ who today announced with this new money he is launching a national RED FLAG department against Gun Owning Americans to assist in gun confiscation by using EVERY SPY TOOL available to violate American’s Second Amendment rights
  • $850k for a gay senior home (none for a Veterans home, though)
  • $15 million to pay for Egyptian’s college tuitions  
  • $300k for trans organizations encouraging chemical castration of boys and ‘Breast-binding’ surgery for minor girls to become ‘trans’
  • $400k for a gay activist group to teach elementary kids about being trans  
  • $500k for a DEI zoo, an anti-racist nature appreciation program  
  • $400k for a group to gives clothes to teens to help them hide their gender
  • $1.5 billion Green New Scam funding  
  • $300-500 million to Ukraine Secretary Assistance Initiative = funding nefarious ‘asymmetric warfare’ and ‘surprises’
  • Continues funding Joe Biden’s border invasion  
  • 12,000 Afghan Special Immigrant Visas and authorization to support loans to the International Monetary Fund.  
  • Benefits for illegal aliens  
  • late term abortions funding at home and abroad, per UN funding  
  • DEI funding initiatives across the nation  
  • Funds FBI New Headquarters while they illegally target President Trump and Catholics
  • increases our national debt to $52 TRILLION dollars

As President Trump has said, ‘everything woke turns to &#*@!’

Unless we elect new leadership in strong support of America First, our country will continue to be destroyed by the Left.

Nobody else in this race appears to be fighting for you. Do you want an experienced fighter such as myself to bring my 20 years of legal advocacy and force of reason with backbone to the table on your behalf, or do you want wishy washy go-alongs with robber barons of your freedom representing you?  

I hope you will support me.  If you have already, thank you.  I have a crucial FEC deadline in just 8 days.  I still need to raise another $15k immediately.

Your contribution right now is crucial to help me win.  Thank you.

Freedom and Victory,

Dan Cox, Candidate to be YOUR VOICE in Congress (R-MD6)


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