Happy World Down Syndrome Day

“Now with the help of God, and with the conviction that we are the defenders of civilization and freedom, we are going to persevere to the end.” – Winston Churchill, PM, October 1, 1939

Today is World Down Syndrome Day – a celebration of life created by God that must be respected and protected in every civilized nation on earth. 

An ominous and deadly evil lurks over our great State. The evil of abortion on demand for any reason at any time up through birth, including the targeting of Down Syndrome babies for death.  This is the current state of Maryland law.

Now, in addition, the so-called Amendment to the Maryland Constitution to be voted on this Fall by referendum entitled the “Maryland Reproductive Freedom Amendment” is neither about reproduction nor is it about freedom. 

Instead, it will remove parental rights and “establish new transgender rights and authorize the government to use taxpayer dollars to fund and  promote puberty blocking drugs and surgical mutilation of genitalia – even among children without parental consent.”  Paid for with your taxpayer Medicaid dollars – including for trafficking of anyone into our state from states that ban this barbaric practice, like the United Kingdom just did with its National Health Service.  America should immediately follow suit.

Parents in Maryland need to be aware that this amendment would not only allow targeted killing of disabled babies on demand in their mother’s wombs and greatly expand our taxpayer-subsidized abortion tourism, it will remove their parental rights over their children and prevent knowledge of a government agent permanently mutilating and transitioning their minor child behind their backs. That’s child abuse. But it’s not all. 

When Valerie and I observe and admire, interact with and laugh with our Trisomy21 son Caleb, we see much more than a choice. We see a beautiful human being that God created who brightens our lives every day. 

While Maryland already allows the targeting killing of disabled and special needs babies up to nine months (yes, that’s right – sick), putting this law into the Constitution will flip our Declaration of Rights on its head. 

Like the soiled history of Maryland’s own Chief Justice Taney’s infamous opinion in Dred Scott, Maryland is now poised to once again destroy the dignity of human lives through permanent bodily mutilation, and targeting for destruction the disabled, those with special needs, the voiceless and the poor.

As Churchill said of Britain’s people during WWII, you and I are the last line of defense in support of civilization and freedom today. Right now. Not tomorrow, not next year. Now.

Join me in standing against this measure, for parental rights and for the lives of all children, born and unborn. At present, I am the only candidate in the Sixth District doing so. In Congress I will work to pass a superseding Constitutional right to life. 

I have 10 days until our major pre-primary report is due. Will you help me tonight with your generous contribution? It truly is urgent.

Thank you. To life!

For Victory and Freedom,

Dan Cox, Candidate for Congress (R-MD6)

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