SCHOOL CRISIS: droves of teachers resigning

5000+ Teachers Have Resigned In Maryland Since COVID – and More Keep Leaving.

Maryland Teachers are resigning at alarming rates with over 1500 leaving Montgomery County schools in the last two years alone, and the substitute teacher rates are around 85% in our state!  Substitute teachers make on average less than half the daily wage of permanent and certified teachers, usually less than $2600 a month before taxes.

And with inflation rising cumulatively by 66% over the last 20 years, and over 9% under Biden, that is hardly any buying power for staples such as food, housing, electricity, gas and fuel, and transportation, more less to live and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

While I have twice voted for teacher salary increases, however, on the House Floor vote against the “Blue Print” I gave a speech warning that the so-called “Kirwan Blue-Print for Schools” was a $32 BILLION increase in funding with a SuperBoard establishment and would not go to teachers and classrooms, and would not help Maryland students. Instead, it would hand power and money over to selected and appointed administrative bureaucrats and teacher’s unions without accountability by parents and their elected officials.

That’s exactly what has happened.

The General Assembly passed the $32 BILLION package and SuperBoard anyway – including new policies of centralization and power over County school boards. 

Now two years on they discover it could bankrupt our state without massive tax increases and appears to date to be lowering our academic learning for our students rather than improving education.

Droves of teachers have resigned and 85% of classes are being taught at half-cost – many without supportive training and preparation for the new influx of immigrant children who speak no English.

The future of America rests on the shoulders of the youth of today.  I am deeply troubled by the plight of children today who cannot get the education they need to succeed and compete in the world.

It’s time to restore sanity and common sense to our education system.

For over thirty years I have fought for education freedom, parental rights and the right of teachers to safe and free classrooms. While education freedom is growing, woke ideology, billions in waste and a lack of honor, respect and pride in our public education is costing our State and families dearly.

As your Member of Congress I firmly believe we can and will turn this around by God’s grace and provide world class schools and learning for our students whose families do not have the ability to choose private or home schools.  

Students need to respect their teachers and even a hint of violence needs to be dealt with swiftly and as an example to all.  Classrooms can be mandated under federal law to establish peaceful environments and SROs and teacher protection are a must.  Students should be taught – like they do in the UK with equal funding allowed to religious and moral based education required for all – to respect God, their country, and the adults in their lives including law enforcement.  No more excuses.  It’s time we establish order in our schools and juvenile policy.

Learning should be exciting – a discovery of all there is to know as an adventure, to seek answers for life, develop interests and skills, to make discoveries no one else has ever made, write books that help advance society, prepare for careers that uplift mankind, teach determination in doing what is right and develop character that changes nations for the better.

Stand with me tonight in support of our teachers, schools and students. We must ensure Congress doesn’t forget District Six teachers, students, schools and parents. 

Make sure that all of us have a voice in Congress and not just the teacher’s unions and the powerful administrative bureaucracy.

I pledge to put our teachers and students first in Congress.

For the children,

Dan Cox, Candidate for Congress (R-MD6)

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