I will not praise a Lockdown Tyrant

Why the Right Voice in Congress Matters: W.H.O. Treaty.

Who we elect during dark hours of crisis and urgency, as well as in times of sunshine and peace, matters and will directly impact the future of civilization.  

I am no sunshine-only patriot.  

As an allied attorney with Alliance Defending Freedom International, I just received an e-mail briefing from my UK friends warning of the pending “WHO Pandemic Treaty” on the near horizon.  

This “Treaty” is pending at the World Health Organization and Biden has pledged to sign it and the Senate and Congress will be the deciding vote and voice about ratification.

ADF-UK recently sent warning letters to the U.S. House of Representatives – where I am running to represent you and be your voice – exposing the following about this “treaty”:

“According to a recent draft, the agreement would require parties to “combat false, misleading, misinformation or disinformation, including through effective international collaboration and cooperation.”

It would also go as far as to require parties to manage so-called infodemics, defined as including “too much
information.” “Can you imagine voting for someone who might support or fail to lift a voice and effort to defeat this measure that could give away our national sovereignty over our own bodies and daily lives during declared “emergencies” – and silence those who object?

But that is what District Six could do if they do not ask these tough questions.  My opponents are each silent on this matter and Neil Parrott went so far as to support a man – Larry Hogan – who supports Pandemic Lockdowns and if elected would therefore be positioned in the Senate to ratify this dangerous and deadly treaty.

Who you support now matters for the security of our families.  Before any job growth, tax cut, Border security and community peace and opportunity, we must have our freedom.  Without freedom, there is no civilization.

Please support my campaign to represent you today.  I need your urgent contribution to help me reach at least 50,000 voters in the next two weeks.

I know how to lead during dark and intimidating hours when liberty and life is under attack. By God’s grace, I stood up as the sole State Delegate to file impeachment papers against the governor who was destroying our Constitution and national security with his illegal COVID executive orders.

I will stand with you and never praise those who would destroy our foundations of freedom and national sovereignty.  

Thank you for standing with me today.

Freedom and Victory,

Dan Cox, Candidate for U.S. House of Representatives (R-MD6)

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