A Time for Love of Country: Saving America.Friend and Supporter,

“Goodbye, America. The dream and promise of freedom is over.”  Is that what you want to happen in our lifetime – to forever lose the America we know? Will you tell your children and grandchildren of what America once was like, but was lost in our time?  Never in our 247 years as a sovereign nation has it been so close to occurring.

I am the sole candidate in this race who WALKED OFF the House Floor as your State Delegate refusing to vote in support of sending our taxpayer money to WAR in UKRAINE.

Now, the U.S. Senate just funded Ukraine more money in one bill than the entire US Marine Corps budget for an entire year – all while treasonously keeping our Southern Border WIDE OPEN.  Make no mistake – these actions are not loving, they are hatred for you and me and our Constitution and nation.

My primary opponents – none of whom have yet ENDORSED PRESIDENT TRUMP AS I HAVE – are each sadly mistaken.  This is not a time to put fingers to the wind and take polls to see if they should speak for our nation as they have shockingly stated is their reason for running.  And this is not a time to put forward a never-before-elected candidate who lives in District 8, or someone (at least THREE in this race) who has lived their whole professional life on government (taxpayer) payroll and never before has stepped up in this arena for you.  

Marylanders do not want a “yes-man;” they want a proven doer as your Member of Congress.  I humbly ask for your urgent support to help us reach our necessary fundraising goals.

And this is no time to surrender to the haters who claim that our way of life, our faith and our historic Christian values that support our Constitution are “hateful” like Democrats in this race falsely claim.  This is not a time for weak-kneed leadership.  It is a time for love of country to save America from the destruction we are headed for if immediate change is not made.

At no time in history have we as Americans been in such peril.  From the senile man in the White House exposing our nation to danger, to the Blanked-out CCP Mitch who just passed a treasonous $95 BILLION of our taxpayer money to hand out to the world while inviting a foreign invasion across our Borders, we need a strong voice in Congress to defend us.

In Western Maryland jobs are below poverty line for most young people, and rent, electricity, inflation and taxes are skyrocketing.  

My Democrat opponents want to destroy our children with transgender surgery behind our backs and end our rights as parents and grandparents – that’s not love, that’s hatred.  Democrats also falsely claim to be for the working poor and the environment, but they lie.

April McLain Delaney, a Biden-Admin lawyer in the NTIA supporting big Tech and against free speech, supports her husband’s business Forthbright Bank – which has as its goal the elimination of oil & clean gas resources and use.  Because of the Democrats like her, here in Western Maryland we have frozen job growth and stopped clean energy jobs, all while sitting on one of the largest oil and CLEAN ENERGY gas reserves in the world called the Marcellus Shale formation.  And they want to keep the Border open and overthrow our Constitution.  Why do they do this? Because they serve interests other than you and me.  They don’t want Western Maryland families to succeed and grow wealthy.  They’d rather you be bankrupt, move out and then they and the CCP can buy up the land which is worth more than most of the Middle East.

But thank God for the U.S. House of Representatives standing against these treasonous actions which serve foreign interests.  Speaker Johnson has pledged the foreign aid bill will not be voted on. I am the candidate who has pledged to stand with him – I will not vote for foreign aid handouts!  I will work hard to open the Marcellus Shale and make Maryland and America great again with President Trump.  Imagine – CLEANEST energy jobs right here in Maryland, making us WEALTHIER THAN DUBAI, whose last year GDP was $203 BILLION.

As your Member of Congress I will fight for you and work hard to resolve the issues that are costing us outrageous debt and putting our nation and our families at RISK of total loss of freedom.  

HELP ME DEFEND OUR FREEDOM AND WIN THIS RACE.  If I win the Primary, I will win the General.  I am going to work hard for you and will keep my word.  We must never surrender, we must never give up.  Please help me today – thank you.

Freedom and Victory,

Dan Cox, Candidate for Congress (R-MD-6)
CCP Mitch passed $60 BILLION in our money to WAR IN UKRAINE – LARGER THAN THE U.S. MARINE CORPS ANNUAL BUDGET.  AND MITCH INCLUDES A SECRET IMPEACHMENT CLAUSE AGAINST PRESIDENT TRUMP IF HE STOPS SENDING MONEY TO WAR IN UKRAINE (See Senator JD Vance’s letter attached below).  This act seeks to overthrow the Constitutional presidential power to protect our nation and is treasonous. 
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