This Land

This Land is Our Land…
Tell Them So On May 14 at the Polls.

I’m freaking fed up. We have a Republic, and we will keep it. And you and I have our homes in the Free State of Maryland, but the Left wants to steal our home values with outrageous taxation and spending, and woke “green new deal” policies.

Too many wishy-washy Republicans and woke Democrats are putting our country in jeopardy.

The good news is, I’m running strong and ahead to be your next America First Congressman.

The bad news comes every day: the U.S. House passed a horrific $1.2T spending pork bill just last month which raises the debt to $56 trillion over the next 10 years, placing us as the worst modern nation on earth for debt to GDP ratio (150%) which even liberal economists warn will be our downfall; and now, yesterday, the Maryland legislature just passed a $63 billion dollar budget with…yes, new TAXES.

Remember when I was running for Governor and warned you that the Democrats would raise your taxes?! Many establishment types mocked and said it was not true. Let them eat crow.

After 97% of all Maryland property tax assessments jumped 20.6% in 2022, the State real property assessments this year in 2023 have jumped another average of 26% (with many increasing at over 36%). That’s a 46.6%- 56.6% increase in property tax assessments and taxation in little more than two years!

This in the face of massive inflation and – wait for it, just-passed tax increases by the Maryland legislature on transportation at a time when we are experiencing skyrocketing “Bidenomics” increased costs in gas, food, housing and energy prices at a 46.22% inflationary increase.


And what does Biden do yesterday? He came to Maryland and gave the BILLION DOLLAR FOREIGN shipping company and its insurer a complete pass for destroying our Francis Scott Key Bridge in the recent collapse, promising instead that you and I have to pay for the entire rebuild.

This is not right. It is offensive to hardworking Marylanders.

I’m sick and tired of wishy-washy Republicans and woke Democrats in Congress pretending to “do the people’s work” while selling us down the river and smirking away with our hard-earned money. They are leaving the future of our children and grandchildren indebted to Communist China.

As the only candidate to endorse President Trump in this race, I am the sole VICTORY candidate who will win this fall. President Trump will be re-elected President, and he is running ahead in the Sixth District and needs a team in place in Congress to support the America First agenda without finger-to-the-wind equivocation.

As the only candidate with the highest GOP unity vote in the history of Maryland’s contested gubernatorial primaries, I am the unifier without compromising on principle. I will never bow to the woke mob – and I will never sell you out. No one else in this race can honestly claim that truth.

Will you join me in this effort to win for America and bring balance in Maryland to the liberal tax and spend and woke policies that are crushing our economy and families?

I need to raise $25k immediately to fund our win with urgent purchases to reach 100,000 voters. THE TIME IS NOW.

If you can chip in at least $25, $50, or even $100 or more, with God’s grace we will win.

Thank you for standing with me in support of freedom – and not being easily mislead by politicians who have signed on to woke policies that destroy our families and community.

Freedom and Victory,

Dan Cox, Candidate for U.S. Congress (R-MD6)

P.S. Please forward this e-mail to your like-minded conservative, pro-Trump friends and tell them to sign up on the email list if they haven’t already. Thank you!
P.P.S. Mail-in voting has already begun – your donation now is much appreciated!

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