Say No To Massive Biden and MD Tax Increases By Sending Me To Congress.

BIDEN and the DEMS are planning the biggest tax hike in US History – in both federal and our State taxes.

Federally, Biden’s just-released tax bill is said to be the HIGHEST BURDEN in United States’ history – $5.5 Trillion in increases, according to just-released reports.

And in our State, HB 1515 is the Democrat plan to TAX your services!  Now, not only would Democrats in Annapolis have you pay sales taxes on products you buy, but an additional tax line would be added for those on the clock for you.  Need a new alternator on your car? Pay for the alternator sales tax, and then add on sales tax for all those workers’ time on the job charged against the entire bill for mechanic time.

In Biden’s and MD Democrats’ world, KISS YOUR HOURLY JOBS GOODBYE; force reduction will be needed just to pay the service taxes.

I will fight any tax increase as your next Member of Congress.  And in Annapolis I proved I could get tax reductions done, both with co-sponsoring property tax relief for seniors, veterans and first responders, and by passing my bill in the House (merged into a Democrat bill HB 473 (2020) to pass on Trump tax cuts being withheld.

We have 17 days until our next fundraising deadline. Please chip in generously today to help us reach our goal.  We are still short this month and need to raise another $18,000 immediately.

Thank you and God bless you and our country.

Freedom and Victory,

Dan Cox, Candidate for Congress (R-MD6)


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