URGENT: Lockdown Lunatics and WHO Treaty

Is this who you want to decide your family’s future?  Qatar is a nation that oppresses women and all its people, and is a long-time ally of Iran.
“Disease X” WHO Treaty Must Be Defeated.Friend,
Members of Congress this week held a hearing to expose and plan to defeat the World Health Organization’s proposed pandemic treaty – which would cede emergency disease lockdown declarations to themselves as a world body, unelected and unaccountable to us.  This is tyranny and must be opposed at all costs.

As your congressman I will vigorously oppose and fight to stop any ratification of such tyranny. And I will work to ensure every Republican Senator and Congressman votes against any such measure.  STAND WITH ME TODAY SO I CAN FIGHT FOR YOU. 

This leads me to ask you: who do you want fighting for you in Congress in CD6?  An untested, inexperienced person, or a proven fighter and problem solver as myself?  Next year this treaty will most certainly be attempted for a vote and we cannot afford to send anyone to Congress who is unwilling to fight with everything they have against such tyranny.  Consider the lockdowns of 2020 and ask yourself whether you want the same, but next time ordered by an unelected world health body that we cannot hold accountable like I did for you in the Maryland House of those lockdown lunatics who supported such outrageous actions.

We are not subjects.  We rule.  Show the elites this to be true.  Help me raise the funds today to fight them. Your immediate LIBERTY FOREVER contribution of $100 or any amount will send the lockdown lunatics a message.  STOP The WHO Pandemic Treaty!

Freedom and victory,

Candidate for Congress (R-MD-6)

P.S. This is not a drill.  The U.S. Senate and Congress make-up will decide whether the world health system controls your body, family and freedom.  I am running to ensure that never happens. With your donation I can win.  Please don’t pass this e-mail by.
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